Q1. Who are qualified to apply?

All Chinese and foreign school-age students who have both excellent academic performance and personal qualities are qualified to apply for our US High School program. There is no restriction on place of residence or nationality.


Q2. When can I apply?

Xiehe Wanyuan US High School welcomes you to submit the application form at any time during the year. We have no deadline for application. However, as the number of students being admitted in all grades increases rapidly, we recommend that you submit the application form as soon as possible after making the decision.


Q3. What materials do I need for application?

  1. Application form (go to the home page of our school’s official website suis.com.cn to fill in the application form for US High School enrollment. After submitting the application form, the school will arrange for students to come to school for written entrance examination and interview.)
  2. An original copy of report card of all subjects for the last two years (with school seal)
  3. If the students have extraordinary talents or special learning needs, please also provide relevant and supplementary materials to us.


Q4. What is the content and duration of entrance exam and interview with the principal?

Entrance exam’s duration is about 2 hours. The subjects are English and Mathematics

Interview with the principal is in English and lasts for about 15-30 minutes. The entire process takes about 2 hours and 15minutes.

Recruitment officers and school’s management will scrupulously review each applicant’s academic performance and personal characteristics to decide whether to accept them or not. Upon admission, the recruitment officer will notify the applicant within one week and issue the letter of admission via email.


Q5.How important is the English level of the applicants?

In order to test whether the students’ English ability is suitable for the grade they are going to enter, the entrance examination includes both English written and oral tests. If the result shows that the students’ English level is obviously lower than the entrance requirements, they are advised to study in language training centers, and then take the entrance examination again after their English level is improved. If they pass the exam, they can attend classes with the students of the same grade.


Q6. What is the US High School’s curriculum like?

The US High School curriculum is divided into compulsory courses, elective courses and AP courses, over a full span of three to four years. The four-year curriculum of the US High School includes English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science (including Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Health Education and Physical Education. Elective courses involve Visual Arts, Computer Science, Business courses, News / Publishing, Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, Film, Photography, etc. Students who have obtained all 24 credits will receive the US High School Graduation Certificate.


Q7. How about the standard and qualifications of the school’s teachers?

All Chinese and foreign teachers have attained master’s degree or above, with high level of dedication, professionalism, and teaching experience.


Q8. How are the courses and classes taught?

The teaching of our US High School will give students a learning experience which is quite different from that of many high schools in China. The learning atmosphere in class is very lively. Teachers will try to interact and communicate with students, while creating an engaging and interesting classroom environment for them. In such a relaxed atmosphere, teachers will encourage students to ask questions and offer their own opinions on various issues. The purpose is to improve students’ ability to think deeply, critically and creatively. Thus the students will be better equipped to adapt to the learning environment of foreign universities in advance. As all courses are taught in English, the students’ competency of learning and communicating in English will be remarkably improved. Such an open, inquisitive, and interactive learning style is totally different from and rarely seen in the test-oriented education in other senior high schools. At our US High School, students will learn how to think, how to apply knowledge, and how to do case analysis in practice. Students here never study for exams, but do exams for learning, so that they know how to put what they learn into practice.


Q9. Which school issues the US High School diploma?

Graduates of our US High School will receive a diploma from Shanghai United International School Wanyuan Campus.


Q10. How do the graduates apply for universities in the United States and other countries?

After three to four years of study at SUIS Wanyuan, students can apply for many first-class foreign universities with the guidance and help from our university counselors. Students will be able to apply for the world’s top universities in dozens of countries and regions, including Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France and Hong Kong, etc.

Q11. Are there school buses? What’s the cost?

Our school bus service provides multiple routes covering almost the entire Shanghai city and its suburbs. Each school bus is equipped with a driver and a staff member.

Please call 6498 1011 regarding the cost or more information.


Q12. How does the school interact with students’ parents? How about the school catering service?

The daily communication between teachers and parents is very important. The school requires all the homeroom teachers to communicate with parents on a regular basis, informing parents of the progress and performance of students. Homeroom teachers will also guide and help the students to overcome difficulties at school by trying to understand their individual needs and thoughts. Every month a coffee meeting will be arranged so that the school and parents can communicate freely, and parents can get to know their children’s learning progress, and also help encourage the students to study hard and reach their learning goals.

The catering service at school canteen provides a combination of both Chinese and Western food. The supplier is a professional catering company specializing in students’ food service, which always maintains high standards of hygiene and nutrition, so that students can stay healthy both physically and mentally.


Q13. What is the school’s routine schedule?

From Monday to Thursday, school is from 7:45 a.m. to 16:30 p.m. On Friday, it’s from 7:45 a.m. to 15:30 p.m.

Tuition Fee: According to the regulations of the Municipal Pricing Bureau, the tuition fee for each student is 75,000 yuan per semester.