Shanghai United International School Wanyuan US High School (USHS) facilitates a developmental curriculum that assists each student achieve his/her full potential. We are committed to providing a course of study that prepares each student for admission to reputable four-year colleges and universities in North America and Europe with solid undergraduate programs. With our ‘East Meets West’ approach, we adopt the best teaching practices from the east and west while placing a strong emphasis on pastoral care, students’ emotional well-being, and providing differentiated learning paths tailored to each student’s strengths and potential. We aim to provide our students with a holistic education to help them develop into knowledgeable, skilful, positive, and balanced individuals.

Using subject standards initiated in the United States (e.g. Common Core, Advanced Placement (AP), and Next Generation Science Standards), our curricula prepares our students with strong content knowledge in a broad range of subjects. Our teaching practices provide students with a platform to become independent, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers. We expect our students to graduate from SUIS Wanyuan as lifelong learners who are equipped with global competencies, eager to actively participate in our increasingly globalized society, and who positively contribute to make a difference in society.