Welcome to SUIS Wanyuan! It is our privilege to welcome you to our campus an invite you to experience the ‘Wanyuan Difference’. We are so very pleased that you have taken a keen interest in our school and in particular the education of your child. There is an ancient saying that the two greatest gifts a parent can bestow upon their children are roots and wings: roots of responsibility and wings of independence. As educators, we strive to work in partnership with our parents to insure that these gifts are realized in their children’s education in our educational program.

As your co-principals, we work in partnership to insure that our mission is being realized, as we provide leadership to our school’s three divisions of Primary, Middle, and Secondary. Creating a harmonious community on our campus is a priority as we collaborate, support, and complement each other modeling the integration of our Xiehe cross-cultural, ‘East meets West’ philosophy.

Our school opened its doors just six years ago and has experienced mercurial growth to the extent that we now educate nearly 2100 students in all three divisions. As one of the largest primary through secondary programs in Shanghai, our students enjoy a truly international community, where our faculty come from the following representative countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, Scotland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

As a leadership team, we realize that today’s students are living in a global community and need to be fully prepared to adapt to the changing landscape of a world without borders. We are cognizant of this critical task and our Wanyuan educational model is designed to offer a transformational educational model. Our programs integrate the best educational practices of the East and West, woven into a seamless garment that is designed to fit each child, individually. To that end, we cherish our rich and timeless traditions of old and at the same time imbue our students with a fresh perspective on the future.

In the end, whether enrolled in our primary, middle, or secondary divisions, our students will reflect confidence, competence, compassion, and character, as they embrace a unified worldview, and respect diversity and seek peace in our global community.

We invite you to discover the ‘Wanyuan Difference’ as we give your child roots of responsibility and wings of independence!




Paul Quan

Co-Principal, SUIS Wanyuan Campus

Norm Martin