Student Expectations

  • Students of excellence and balance: Another important expectation of our students is that they engage with the learning process – 21st century students need to develop lifelong learning and inquiring skills.


  • Citizens are responsible to their nation and the world: Students are expected to serve a vital role within the school community, and they should contribute and give back to our metropolitan, national, and international communities through good citizenship and community service.


  • Leaders with hearts, spirit and values: We believe in inquiry-based instruction where the student, through the teacher’s support and facilitation, is encouraged to learn by developing questions, and researching and applying information to solve problems in a relevant, ‘real-time’ environment. Through ‘discovery learning’, students recognize that there is no limit to their acquisition of knowledge and skills, applied in context, as they explore their global community 



We Expect Our Students to Be

  • Adaptable:  Take risks, try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them.   


  • Communicative:  Express ideas well in more than one language, including the languages of Mathematics, Music, and the Arts.


  • Community-Oriented:  Be involved in the community.


  • Cooperative:  Be willing and able to work as part of a team.


  • Globally-minded:  Welcome different views and ways of doing things.


  • Inquisitive:  Ask questions about what you are experiencing. Let these questions guide your learning.


  • Moral:  Make good choices by thinking about them and about whom they affect.


  • Resilient:  Never quit. Always aim to improve and make progress.


  • Respectful:  Show respect for others, the school and yourself.


  • Thoughtful:  Think of new ways to solve problems.





In the next Academic Year, 23/24 School Year, the High School is expecting to welcome 50 new G9 Students and 50 New Grade 10 students to our Campus.


Admission will continue throughout the entire academic year from September 2022 to June 2023 with Entrance Exams once a month.


Please call 64981238 for more information or contact Ms. Shannon Xia through email:


Please fill in the application form through the link below, and after submission choose a date to write the Entrance Exam.