Contact Information

SUIS:Wanyuan Campus surrounding traffic routes

Wanyuan campus address:No.509 Pingji Road

Tel: 021-64980188

1:Metro line 1 to Lianhua Road Station,1.8 km away from our school

2:Surrounding busesNo.171  No.341  No.162  No.946  No.753  No.8minhang line

near to Children’s hospital of Fudan University

  No.122 No.1202 No.747 near to Pingyang Road Lianhua Road

  No.867 near to Gudai Road Lianhua Road

3:Car routes::

Outer ring expressway Gudai Road exit to the East.

4:Hongqiao campus to Wanyuan campus:

Bus: walk to Hongquan Road Jinhui south Road Station about 170m .Take No,764 for 11 stops and get off at Gudai Road Gumei Road. Walk to Pingji Road Lianhua Road for about 580m.