Campus & Facilities

The Wanyuan Campus is SUIS’ flagship campus, a beautiful and spacious facility situated in Shanghai’s Minhang District (Puxi).

Our campus is more than a place of education. It is a place for students to grow and make their dreams a reality.  At Wanyuan, students can take risks, explore knowledge, develop skills, build their athletic abilities, engage in artistic pursuits and enhance their sense of belonging in a nurturing environment.

Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia tools to help bring the world into the classroom. The campus has a library, science labs, computer labs, music rooms, cafeterias, a gymnasium, auditoriums and outdoor sports and play areas. Artwork created by students adorns the campus and helps to encourage artistic expression and increase our school spirit. Multi-purpose rooms are available for parent activities, physical education lessons and assemblies. We even have a Chinese garden and an original ancient Chinese scholars house on the campus where students, faculty and staff experience Chinese language and culture activities.

While the campus is located in a quiet, residential area, it is close to great shopping, restaurants, and public transportation (bus, taxi, and a metro/underground station).